Studied Business Administration and Accounting in the ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México) and Business Strategy (AD-2) in the IPADE (Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas).

He is the acting CEO of Coordination & Integration Business (CIB) specialized in:

MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS (M&A). - Participating in the entire project as strategic advisor, actively involved from the moment of assessing the value of the company, promoting and optimizing negotiations.

BUSSINES MANAGEMENT. - Contributing to the increase of profitability (revenues, costs, expenses and policies) as well as in the professionalization of boards of directors (Corporate Governance), advising senior management, designing strategic plans and their implementation and generating value alternatives.

REAL ESTATE. - Managing real estate investments and territorial reserves for commercial, industrial, corporate and touristic projects.


General Director of the Instituto Mexicano de Ejecutivos de Finanzas (IMEF), where he achieved the involvement of a large number of associates, designing and implementing the organization’s model and its Research Foundation.

Founding partner of “SICOFIN Asesores de Negocios”, where he headed more than 50 consulting cases for top level companies in the areas of business models, strategic planning, re-engineering processes and organization and systems, in line with the companies’ business models and strategic plans.

Founding partner of Coordinación e integración global de proyectos (CIB), developing projects in three business areas: Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Management and Real Estate.


Mr. Carranza has received several awards and recognized national and international prizes, such as the “Premio EX-ITAM al Merito Profesional” and the “Medalla al Mérito”, for his achievements as chairman of the IAFEI.

As an IMEF associate, he has participated in its “National Board of Directors”, its Strategic Planning and International Relations Committees as well as the Board of Directors of the Mexico City and Queretaro groups.

Also, he has served as vicepresidente and chairman of the International Association of Financial Executives Institutes (IAFEI), the most relevant international association of finance executives (CFO’S) of the leading companies in 20 countries, with 17,000 members; and he is a member of is advisory council.

In addition, he has acted as president of the ITAM’s National Alumni Association (EX-ITAM) and has been a member of its advisory council.

He has served as board member, advisor and treasurer of the Unión Social de Empresarios Mexicanos (USEM), so with the USEM confederation participated in the Mexican Institute of Christian Social Doctine (IMDOSOC) since its foundation and other civil associations.

As part of his academic activities, he has imparted lectures and headed research projects in administration and finance. Two that are worth mentioning are: "Productive and Permanent Employment based on savings and investment" and "El Reto de la Función Financiera en el Siglo XXI", of which he is co-author.